I Want Me Some Brown Sugar , 2013, 8 x 42 inch colour HD displays

I Want Me Some Brown Sugar (2013) is an 8 screen looped video installation of image and text that discusses the way in which online pornography becomes a contradictory arena for taboo subjects on race, sexuality and gender. In each screen, either a black or white person, woman or man, clothed, sits on a chair, lustfully watching as series of the same semi-naked men or women, cross their path.

Accompanying the walking, in type-writer style, anonymous racial stereotypes, from user comments on real-life pornographic online sites are being used, uncensored and unedited. The text only appears on the screens when a black and a white body occupy the same frame. The words 'BLACK' and 'WHITE' appear in capitals when being used in the text, highlighting the racial nature of the comments, which are provactively racist and fetishise skin colour differences, between the sitters and the walkers.