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Feminist Practices in Dialogue, 2016, publication ICA

Moving Image Review & Art Journal, Issue 4:1 'Feminisms'

Released Spring 2016

Now! Now! more than one place

Black Artists and Modernisms Exhibition, 2016, Chelsea College of Arts, UAL

Visions in the Nunnery, 2016, Bow Arts, Exhibition Programme

La Parole Aux Femmes: Women Speak Out, exhibition catalogue 2014

Challenging Race Relations: The Visuals of Ope Lori and Die Antwoord,(2014) by Issey Scott

Embodied Spaces, 2015, Framer Framed Gallery, Amsterdam, Flyer

The Oppositional Gaze: Contemporary Image-Making Practice And The Implications Of Skin Colour Ideals (2014) PhD Dr.Ope Lori

Diva Magazine, November issue 2011 by filmmaker Campbell X

I Want Me Some Brown Sugar 2013 Flyer and Interview with Maria Kheirkhah

Possession, 2014, Copenhagen, Flyer

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